Market Information

It allows organizations to collect and distribute market information such as prices with use of mobile phone application, SMS and USSD. The data can be validated and processed on the platform and then disseminated to registered stakeholders on their mobile phones using text messages. It tracks historical, trends and flow of prices. Projects and Partners are informed on when and what makes price changes on the various commodities in a specific demographic area.

Key features

  • Track Price data on each Commodity
  • Make Surveys of Commodity Prices
  • Forecast on Trends of Prices


A service that provides farmers with information on good soil and crop management practices such as fertilizer crop recommendation, pest and disease management, pesticide application for improved yield.


A service that links buyers to sellers to exchange market information or to find market for their farm produce in real time


The service provides weather information on farm lands to ascertain whether rainfall is adequate, crop health and forecasting of rainfall. This service is being provided in collaboration with NASA


Having reliable information on prices of commodities and inputs is key to any successful agribusiness. Our extensive network of agents collect prices and verify from different sources to ensure its accuracy. The information is then sent to the farmers instantly as an SMS or Voice Message on their phones. Clients using the web portal can view more detailed information and trends in prices in different locations.