Mozambique: Training and workshop for AGRA grantees on mFarms Modules

Image-AD held a workshop in Chimoyo, Manica a province in Mozambique on the 24th to the 28th of March, 2014. Fourty participants in total from various agribusiness organizations attended the workshop. Organizations that
attended were IKURU, Agrimirc ods, kulima, Miruku Coop, ADEM, Ocodema among others.

As part of the workshop, the team visited a maze farm to meet with farmers and profile them ontu the mframs platform to assist ADEM who is a Farmer Based Organization in Manica a provence in Chimoyo, amongst others in Mozambique practice on the field how to collect data using mobile phones.

The exercise was carried out by Grantees who were trained during the workshop in Mozambique.

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